SIMPLE ajax demo in kirby

is there anyone who can provide simple ajax demo.?
the code given in kirby doc for ajax is based on json.
i just want to pass parameter and based on the i need to fetch records and then i need to display on template .
i know simple ajax in php but its not working in kirby
please help me. :frowning:

I hope this helps…

i have seen that but if i need php code in response and then i can append it.
this demo that you have given is not so use full ,
by the way thanks for comment.

I have created a tutorial draft, but it is intended for Kirby 2.4 with its content representations. You would have to adapt that example a little to only use the standard template and then use if statements to differentiate between the use cases. But at least it shows the basic communication between controller/template and the Ajax call.

i have done that using normal php ajax. thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Ok, fine.

BTW: Next time, pls. be so kind as to create only one post for the same problem. Thank you!