Show/prompt file metadata field on upload

Hi! I am creating a page that will display a list of files, and the user will be able to upload files from the panel. I want to list the files with a nicer name than the file name, and I solved this by creating a file blueprint like this:

title: File
    label: Name
    type: text
    required: true

I can then get the alt field from my template. However, it is not obvious for the user that they need to click on the file name in the panel to show the file fields and fill in the field. Even though i use “required: true” the field can still be left empty after upload. Is it possible to prompt this field when they are uploading a new file, and force the user to enter a name for the file? If not, maybe just a simple redirect to the file metadata page could do the trick? Either way I am unsure how to accomplish this. Thankful for help!

There is currently no way to achieve that, at least not without a plugin.

What you could do is write a hint for the user (using the section text) if this information is missing, maybe in red?

Thank you pixelijn! I have done exactly that, just thought it would be nice with a cleaner solution. :slight_smile: