Show all files once uploaded in panel

Hello; in my blueprint:

  type: files

In my Contents

I changed the blueprints a little bit, and now in the panel I’m missing all uploaded files.

How can I make it so that all images that were once uploaded in the project will be shown there? Why isn’t the type: files not doing it? Is there another way to show all files inside the project?

The purpose of a files field like in your example is to select files from files uploaded to a page. So it is basically a select field, but especially made for files.

To display all uploaded files you need a files section.

This is my sidebar blueprint:

    width: 1/3
        type: fields
            label: Date
            type: date
            label: Author
            type: users
            label: Tags
            type: tags
            label: Show this on the frontpage
            type: toggle
            icon: globe
            type: number
              toggle: true
            type: files
            headline: Cover
            layout: cards
            info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
            template: cover
            multiple: false
        headline: Images
        type: files
        template: gallery

I have these two sections meta and images, but still it does not show all images. Am I doing it correct?

Yes, ok, that is a section now, but you filter what is shown with the gallery template. This will only show files with this template/blueprint. The template is added to the meta data file on file upload. If you add the files via the file system manually, the template will not be added and the files will therefore not show up unless you add the template manually.