Show Kirby content on a Wordpress website


A client has a Wordpress website (Elementor) and I convinced them to move to Kirby in the long run but at the moment there is no budget available for this transition. They do however want me to add a blogsection to the website (without comment section) — which I know Wordpress is build for.

My idea was to start building the blog on a subdomain (e.g. with Kirby to take a bit of load of the currently very bloated website. However, for the time being I do need to show the newest blogpost into a carousel on the Wordpress website. Is there a way to do so? Any pointers in a direction would be highly appreciated!

ps. Quite new to Kirby and PHP so if a lot of knowledge and expertise is needed for this to get it up and running I’d probably have to skip…

Yes, you can provide the latest post as a JSON content representation and fetch this via PHP or JS into the WP website.

That’s not very complicated and should be doable even with little PHP/Kirby knowledge.

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