Shopkit Panel not found

The request to
redirects to - without loginform.

Where can I find the loginarea?

As far as I know. the login form should be on the start page, see the demo:

It looks like you’ve replaced Shopkit’s template files with the ones from the starterkit. As @texnixe mentioned, you’ll have to copy the login form from site/plugins/shopkit/snippets/sidebar.php to your new template.

Shopkit forces login and registration from the frontend so that customers don’t have to remember a username - they log in with their email address.

Thanks for response and support.

It was my idea to overwrite shopkit files by new kirby files, so incoming updates could become installed easily

You can update Kirby and the Panel no matter what theme files you use. I think for a start it is a lot easier if you don’t try to mix shopkit and the starterkit?


did it, as I was told here. But the problem remains:

By calling the url /panel/ the user gets lead to the root, where now the login form appears (as a shop customer?), but after login… where can I admin the shop?

I think there’s some documentation missing, @samnabi? Or I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, if you call the url: you should be able to install the panel with the first user, which is the admin user (note that in my test, I had to install the blueprints folder in /site first).

After that, you can click on Dashboard to access the Panel:

@samnabi, is that a Kirby or Shopkit bug?

Frontend login

Both customers and admin users can log in from the frontend form. Once logged in, you will see an admin menu as shown in the screenshot that @texnixe provided. Customers only see the actions that they have permission for (View Orders, My Account, Logout).

Missing blueprints folder

Shopkit doesn’t include a site/blueprints folder, because all the blueprints are registered from the plugin.

This causes a bug where a new user can’t access

I’m happy to include an empty site/blueprints folder in the next bugfix release. I feel like it might be related to issue #851 in the Kirby repo?

the documentation on Shopkit setup · Shopkit begins “login to shop”, but where is this the login panel found?

Once i was able to login at, so i made some testchanges, as upload an image and the text of menubutton one, as you can see in root.
Closing browser and contiuing work next day the panel url leads to domains root.


  1. deleted the first version completly and uploaded all data from local shopkit folder again - didn’t solve my problem
  2. searched my browser for cookies - didn’t solve the problem
  3. Without viewing the sources: maybe there is an entry in config or log data on the server?

ok, my fault. I confounded “login” and “emailadress”.

That bug is marked as fixed, but fixed in this case probably means that it is ok if the folder is empty, but not ok, if the folder does not exist. So adding an empty folder will certainly help.

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one question left, for my own interest:

is there a special reason why kirby uses username and shopkit uses emailadress for login?

It’s pretty confusing especially of the autofill function in browsers :frowning:

Shopkit has a few built-in email functions. So email addresses are necessary is a way that they might not be in other Kirby sites. Using email addresses has two other benefits:

  1. During registration, people have one less piece of information to worry about and remember
  2. Someone can place an order without registering for an account, then later they can sign up for an account and Shopkit will remember all their old orders to show in the transaction history.

i update the new shop-release from the old one.
i want to have no user-registered at my shop. and so i dont want a login for customers.
how can i get a login only for a admin or a shopassistant ?
can i get the old login form back?

This is the file where the rerouting of the Panel happens: (the first few lines). But there might be some other places where you would have to make changes, haven’t tested.


@texnixe is right, all you need to do is comment out the following code:

site/plugins/shopkit/registry/routes.php line 4-6

site/plugins/shopkit/snippets/header.menus.php line 4

Then the login form at will work normally.

really nice.
so i can use the meta-admin-menu for shop maintainance and all others will able to shop without login. thanks. :slight_smile: