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Sam, sorry for this silly question. I’m returning from vacations and my mind is in blank. To update only the core what folders should I have to replace besides plugins/shopkit?
Thanks in advance.


You can see a detailed changelog since the last release by checking the Github history comparison.

Most of the changes are within /site/plugins/shopkit, but there are also updates to /site/config/config.php, /site/languages/, Panel CSS, and other files in the root directory.


Hello, what gateway method would you use to implement a credit card gateway for payment ? and how would you include it ?


@maximiliankiepe As far as I know, the Stripe gateway included in Shopkit, supports credit card processing, if your account supports it.


Yes, @texnixe is right – Shopkit only supports credit card processing through 3rd-party services. There are no gateways provided for handling credit cards on your own server, so you would have to do it with PayPal or Stripe.

If you really want to handle credit cards on your own server, you will need to go through a rigorous process to ensure PCI compliance. You would have to create your own Shopkit gateway for that.


Version 1.1.2 is here :apple:

  • New features
    • :100: Automatic formatting for numbers and prices in the panel
    • :eyes: Better download links to prevent snooping and enforce download expiry
    • :earth_asia: Simplify adding/removing/editing countries from panel
  • Bug fixes
    • Prevent template change for products in panel
  • UI & design
    • Remove tabs from Site options page in panel
    • Use panel instead of frontend for editing user accounts
    • More helpful error messages on Orders page
  • Update Kirby Core and Panel to v2.4.0
  • Move Site blueprint inside Shopkit plugin folder
  • Structure all dependencies as git submodules (except Stripe SDK)
  • Use plain textarea instead of map for address in Contact page

Download it here:

Sample content

This release also marks the launch of the Shopkit sample content pack. Drop these content files into a fresh install, and get a head start on familiarising yourself with Shopkit’s features.


Version 1.1.3 is here :roll_eyes:

… that was quick. Thanks to @guidoferreyra for catching a UX bug that would have made it annoying for users to manage their account through the panel.

  • Bug fixes
    • Simplify panel UI for account management
    • Restrict customers from exploring the panel dashboard or “all users” list
    • Stricter checks for discount codes

Download it here:


Hi! Uhm… I don’t understand how to get the shop to work with my Stripe account…?


Your Stripe API keys should be added into this file: site/plugins/shopkit/gateways/2-stripecheckout/config.php.


Is there a simple way to define different shipping prices for different product groups? F.e. shipping via Post for a postcard and via UPS for bigger goods…


Shopkit doesn’t have a concept of “product groups” – there is only the global shipping rules, with per-product options to override them.

You can, however, define shipping rates by weight when you set up your global shipping rates.


Hello, is it possible to set a limited amount of a product and automatically update it when bought?


Yes, each price variant has a Quantity in Stock field. When the stock reaches 0, the “Buy Now” button gets disabled and shows that the product is sold out.

For more information, see the docs here:


is there also a possibility of getting the number of how many products are still left in the shop ? ( 13/100 for example)


This is not built in right now. It could be achieved with a custom template.

I will add this as a feature request in the GitHub issues page.


do u have a starting point on how to achieve this maybe, so i can develop it myself?


A starting point would be the product.php template.

You can display a variant’s remaining quantity with <?= $variant->stock() ?>. Note that an out-of-stock variant will return 0, but an unlimited stock will return '' (an empty string).

Shopkit doesn’t keep any information about the starting quantity (i.e. the “100” in 13/100). You might want to add this as a new field for the product variants, then you could access it in the template as well.


thats gr8, thx a lot !


Hi everyone, I’m working on a custom panel field for Shopkit’s shipping options. The concept of tiers for shipping rates based on weight and total cart price is a difficult one to communicate visually. Up until now, I have just included some formatting instructions in a standard textbox:

Each line is a price tier. Use this format:
weight : shipping
0 : 12.00 ($12 for weight of 0 or more)
7 : 15.00 ($15 for weight of 7 or more)
20 : 18.00 ($18 for weight of 20 or more)

Clearly this is not ideal. It would help me out a lot to get some initial feedback on some new design concepts for this field. What are your first impressions?

You can also comment on the accompanying Github issue.


Version 1.1.4 is here :christmas_tree:

  • New features
    • :nail_care: Override default CSS in assets/css/custom.css
    • :money_with_wings: Pretty URLs for discount codes and gift certificates
    • :checkered_flag: Dashboard widget shows current Shopkit version & upgrade notice
    • :package: New panel field for shipping tiers
    • :mailbox_with_mail: Automatic customer notification emails (as requested by @ToGe88)
      • Notify upon successful purchase
      • Notify upon changes to their order status
  • Decrufting
    • Refactor email notification code into a global sendMail() function
    • Move CSS to plugins/shopkit/assets
    • Use kirbytext in templates to obfuscate email links

Download it here: