Shopify Buy Button


Has anyone used kirby with the shopify buy button before?
Having problems integrating it, doesn’t not work as intended (while i know it from using it on other sites / cms) so i thought that there might be something from kirby getting into the way?


Hard to tell without more information. Have you got Kirbies caching enabled? I would turn it off for the pages with the buy button on if you have. it might be using stuff that should be generated uniquely on each page load.

Apart from that, check the browsers console for any errors.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes, caching is enabled. (Tried it with deactivating as well, does not help either).

I guess this is the wrong forum to ask/post this anyway. I tried to implement the code into a static simple index.html site and it opens a new window as well. So to me it seems the client made some wrong settings when creating the buy button. (Unfortunately I don’t get access to this shopify account to check back).

Just put this in there as someone could have used this before and had some similiar issues.

just in case someone is interested or facing the same problem, there’s a line of code that says buttonDestination and that was set to checkout but that needs to be either modalProduct or cart, depending on what you want to achieve…