Setup with Gulp+Wekpack

Hallo people,

I am a UX/UI designer and doing some side project on my own. I am more or less self-taught in Frontend Development. I have tied to been using Kirby+Gulp to set my development environment. It seemed working, so I built my website on it. And recently, I just released that it cannot build for production properly. And at the same time, I want to also integrate Webpack so that I don’t have to write all js in one file. So far, I cannot bring the setup to work. I also tried couple of templates. None of them works by me. The Errors are beyond my capability to solve.

Any suggestion that how can get more knowledge to setup? Tutorials, books I can read. Lessons I can take? My wish is simple, compiling PHP, Sass and bundle js.
I am also willing to paid for one that would like to show me how could this setup work.


Maybe this helps as a starting point: Gulp/Kirby StarterKit (plus optional Docker support)

It certainly doesn’t make sense to use Gulp and Webpack in conjunction, because these tools basically do the same stuff, i.e. concatenate and minify etc. your assets.

Also, imo it’s no different if you use these tools with Kirby, plain HTML templates or any other CMS, the procedure will always be more or less the same.

Hallo texnixe, thanks for kindly replying.

I tried this template, but I can’t bring it to work.

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'Kirby' not found in /Users/jguo/Desktop/test/your-project/index.php:25
Stack trace:
#0 {main}
  thrown in /Users/jguo/Desktop/test/your-project/index.php on line 25

Besides I also get message like this, which I dont really unterstand.

Maybe I can ask the question to template creator.

Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help with, particularly not when I don’t know what sort of a template/theme you are using and in what way that deviates from the standard Starterkit.

Thanks a lot for the advice. I gave up on Webpack and using only Gulp now. I rebuild the setup according the reference you sent me. So far it is working.