Setting blueprint path in kirby 2.2.1


I try to update to 2.2.1. I have a multipage setup and with different blueprints. I use $kirby->roots->blueprints = __DIR__.'/site/blueprints/partner/' in the site.php to set the blueprint path. But it does not work with 2.2.1. Is this a known issue? Or is there another option to set the path?

Best, Chris

You can’t specifically override the blueprint path right now, the blueprint directory is always a subdirectory of the site directory. I have created a PR on GitHub a while ago, but until this becomes a Kirby feature, it won’t work.

If you need the feature right now, you can manually apply the changes from the PR to your Kirby installation.

hmmmm, but it works until I updated to 2.2.1 today :confounded:

Which version did you use before you upgraded?

i use Version 2.1.0 before.

Hm, that’s strange. As far as I can tell, both Panel v2.1.0 and Panel v2.2.1 use the $kirby->roots()->blueprints() method (not variable), which hasn’t been changed since Kirby Core v2.1.0.

But anyway, could you please check if it works again if you manually apply my changes from the PR? That would be a temporary solution until this is a Kirby feature.

Yes, it works. Thank you.