Select image from children page - Kirby Panel


    label: Home Image
    type: image

I’ve made a image select field in the parent page. But, I want to select an image that’s uploaded in one of the child pages. Is this possible?

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If you only want to fetch the children of one particular page, you can use the query option.
If you need to query several subpages, you can use the JSON API

For both options, check out the docs:

Another option would be to create a custom Panel field:

Or the Controlled List plugin:

Thank you for your reply @texnixe

I now have made up this. But it’s not working. Do you have any idea how to get it working?

 label: Category
 type: select
 options: query
  page: pages
  template: project-detail
  fetch: images
  value: '{{filename}}'
  text: '{{filename}}'

You can only pass a single page to fetch images from, not a collection, so pages is not a keyword you can use for the page option. That’s why I said, if you need to fetch images from more than one page, you will have to consider one of the other options I suggested above.