Adding detail to the pages preset view

In my home.yml I have a multi-select field which queries the children of a particular page so that these pages can be selected. It’s possible that same of these pages will have the same name, therefore, I would like to display some additional info into the tag itself. Is this possible?


    label: Category
    type: multiselect
    options: query
      fetch: site.children.published
      text: "{{ page.title }} / {{ }}" # this can be anything else
      value: "{{ page.slug }}"

Thank you. I did try this as I saw it in the docs, however, I am getting the error:

The property “query” is required

Any help in to want I’m doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

        label: Carousel
        type: multiselect
        help: Add the projects that you want to see in the Carousel
        options: query
          text: "{{ page.title }} | {{ }}"
          value: "{{ page.slug }}"

You are missing the fetch option and put the query directly in the line with query. See my example above.