“Select all” button for file blueprint

Hello everyone,
I am using a file selector to place several images in a row and will get some cases of 30–50 images to select so I was wondering if there is a way to add a “select all” button to a file selector field as such:


I guess that would be a similar feature as the one requested in this thread: Deleting multiple assets from Page in Panel

Not possible (yet) but can be voted for so that it’s implemented some time.

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@img2001 im genuinely curious, so please don’t take this as criticism. What’s your use case for selecting all? Why selecting anyways then and not just use directly all images or so in the templates? Would love to get the insight on your use case.

Sure. The page blueprint has a modular grid with different blocks. So depending on the use case of that page I cannot guarantee that if that specific block is used, that it should simply use all available files since there might be more than just one block.
In general, clients have asked me for this more than once already. Most common use case would be a gallery block. And most of the time I wouldn’t be able to just use all files since they should also have a specific order and so on

Make sense. Sometimes user wants to select some, sometimes all, and with many images, when you don’t want to select all but most, it’s faster to select all then unselect a few again.

Thanks! Yea, it’s one of these for me when you hear the answer it makes total sense.