See if pages are selected in any page field of a collection of pages

This one always gets me.

I have a collecction of work.yml pages.
I also have a collection of portfolio.yml pages that have a pages field, where work pages can be selected:


    type: pages 
    query: page.parent.index.template('work')

Now I want to make a collection of all work pages that are NOT selected in ANY of the portfolio pages works field.

I can nest loops and the like, but… is there any smart way to pull this, kirby-way ?


This should work (at least it used to work with page ids not sure about uuids:

$selectedWorks = page('portfolio')->children()->pluck('works', '-', true);
$unselectedworks = page('portfolio')->children()->not($selectedWorks);

Ok, important to note that work.yml are not children of portfolio.yml but actually siblings.

But $portfolioPage->works() is a pages field that contains a selection of work pages.

what does pluck do there ?

Well, but the logic remains the same, then adapt as required.

It fetches all entries of the works field of the given collection into an array

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