Security plugins or additons

I am creating a site where clients will need to securely upload documents and enter secure information. I was hoping to add additional security to the site and wanted to know if there were any plugins or kirby additions I could add to my site. Thanks!

Have you read this blog article?

Also you will need a TLS certificate for secure communication. But that’s outside of Kirby’s scope.

Awesome! Do you have any you recommend?

Your use-case seems to be commercial, so you will need a paid certificate. For personal sites, there is the free provider StartSSL, which works just fine, but they won’t give you certificates for commercial projects for free.

In my opinion, every certificate works just fine (they are equally secure given you don’t receive the certificate in an unencrypted email). Just look for good deals and a trustworthy shop and you are good to go. I have heard good things about AlphaSSL certificates so far.