Say hello to Herr Inspektor! (work in progress)

Hey there, I’m looking for some thoughts and input on something I’m bashing together this week.

I’ve been working on some projects this year with multiple devs, where we had some frontend people coming in being unfamiliar with Kirby.

In our case usually we work on projects where one of the first things we do is to get panel up and running with real content and appropriate blueprints, so that content editing and management can start during the design stage of the project. Ideally this results in a scaffolded-site that’s filled with real content, so a frontend-dev can hit the ground running. However, we found that aside from cloning the repo, at this stage a project doesn’t really communicate what’s already there for the dev.

So say hello to ‘Herr Inspektor’ (insert Derrick reference here). It quickly gives an overview of the $site, $page and blueprint of the current page. It also allows you to quickly navigate the page hierarchy, in absence of proper navigation.

I had a look around, but I couldn’t find any plugins with similar type of functionality…
Also, I’d love to hear some thoughts on what you might expect from this kind of ‘inspector’ -type plugin…


That’s a lovely idea! :+1: