Same site for two domains

Is there a way to have the exact same site on two different domains, while only updating the content in one kirby installation ?

The idea is, that if one visits one stays on but gets actually the content from Like a redirection to but stays in the address bar of the browser.

That doesn’t sound like a good idea because of duplicate content, meaning the same content should not be available via two different domains.

Apart from the question if this is a good idea or not (and I would tend to say it is not), technically you have at least three options: 1. Use an iframe to incorporate the content from domain1 into the domain2. Some providers call this “cloaked redirect” 2. Use the ServerAlias directive or rewrite rules (which might, however, be interfered by the usage of the hostname within the application and 3. Use a reverse proxy with the two (or more) domains on the outside and only one backend inside. All parts can be run on the same server.