Cross domain content with multiple kirby installations

I’m struggling with cross domain content. I have multiple domains and every single domain should get content from a master domain. I can’t work with html redirects or build up a curl or similar.
So I thinking about multiple kirby installations and configuring a master domain for the content. Is there a way to set it up like this?

Do you want all domains to have the same content or should just some of the contents be the same?

If you want to share all content (and select the appropriate content in your template dynamically), there is documentation on setting the content directory path manually. In your case, you would install Kirby several times and point every installation to the same content directory.

Please note that you will need a Kirby license for each domain.

Thanks you for your reply.

Just some of the contents be the same, but I think, I will find a solution for this problem.

I tried the solution with site.php. It works so far but brings the problem, that the domain / URL is changing on page navigation. The domain / URL should stay, also on page navigation.

Kirby Licenses, for sure - we bought a few last week :wink: