Safe way to get the panel url?

With Kirby 2.2 the panel url is optional. How do I get the panel url by PHP?

Unfortunately you can’t. The Kirby core doesn’t know where you moved your Panel folder to, because the Panel is completely independent from the core.

I recommend using a custom config option for this so that you can easily change the URL without having to change it in all of your templates.

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Thanks! I wanted to know because I’m building a plugin and I’m trying to have as few options as possible. I guess I don’t get rid of this option then.

For my Notifier Plugin I wrote a PHP-function that got the active URI-scheme for the panel.

The output was matched to the folder-preference in the config-file, so the plugin “knew” the panel-dir was active…


function activeDIR($url)
substr($url,-1) != '/'?$url.= '/':$url = $url;
$path = parse_url($url, PHP_URL_PATH);
$pathTrimmed = trim($path, '/');
$pathTokens = explode('/', $pathTrimmed);

  if (substr($path, -1) !== '/')

return end($pathTokens);

if(c::get('kirbyNotifierPanel') == activeDIR($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']))
/* panel is active */