Method for getting a $page Panel URL

I was looking through the docs and searched if kirby 3 introduced any way to get a page’s panel url. Since now the page - panel url also changed, i would’ve loved to see a method so we could just call something like $page->panelUrl() in use-cases such as having a front-end to display data whichout too much hacky stuff.

could’ve been nice, since we also have the option to change the panel slug as well…

seems there is none.

Looking for alternatives before i’ll do the hacky way.

Surprise: there is a $page->panelUrl() method :slight_smile: I’m not kidding! Just give it a try.


i guess the search box in the docs does not always show the most accurate results :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s rather that this method has disappeared from the reference.

Hello all,
is $panelUrl() still existing in kirby v4?

I can not find a way to display a panel link in the frontend… I need this to clean up the backend a bit after importing the data from wordpress. I have made some hidden pages to display certain problems and would like to directly link to the panel to fix them…