Safe sensitive data from a form

Hello there!
I need some thoughts and maybe your best practises here. We want to integrate a form on our website that clients can fill out. If sent, the data has to be forwarded to us in any way, but GDPR compatible. I thought about connecting an SQL /SQL Lite database to kirby, where the stuff is stored and that is displayed within kirby by the panel tools. Is that possible, safe and… cough integrated easily without too much work? Besides displaying this information, you also need to be able to edit or at least remove entries. First thought was to send it as a PGP encrypted mail, but this can be a hazzle for non-techies and requires too much configuration outside of my control.


Retrieving data from a database and even editing this data via the Panel is possible, yes, see our Virtual Pages guide.

Since I assume the data model with data from a form is relatively simple, this shouldn’t be too much hassle to set up.

So, possible: yes.
Without too much work: I’d say yes.
Safe: Well, you know them hackers finally get all the data anyway…:wink: Storing data outside the web root if possible adds a layer of security.

Okay… Yes, this would be the most comfortable way in my eyes…
About Safe: Assuming of course that the password for the webhosting is not 123.^^
With “safe”, I mostly mean safer than sending them clear text as Email and respecting GDPR (However I know you can’t give me any legaly binding answers here).