Routine maintenance for clients

Hi all -

Bit of a subjective question here, but keen to hear people’s thoughts. When working with a client, particularly when using Kirby to build a standard website, I was wondering how you all handle routine upgrades. For example, when previously working with open source frameworks such as Joomla and Wordpress I found it normal to offer a maintenance package where you’d regularly add patches and carry out upgrade/clean up tasks (which are much more common with the these frameworks!) and was wondering how people carry that out with Kirby clients if at all?

Many thanks!

Usually I have long-term relationships with my clients and I tend to update the CMS when they require a new functionality or other work to their site. With Kirby it’s usually not that much work, but always keep an eye on the changelog for breaking changes when the last update was a long time ago.

When there are security upgrades (they are rather rare), I proactively reach out to my clients and ask them if it’s ok to perform the upgrade - which is then billed at an hourly rate.