Role and rights problem

I don’t know if I understand something wrong with roles and rights in Kirby ?!?
I am using Kirby 3.6.0.

  1. In one of my role definitions i define: *:false
  2. So the option “create” is set to false
  3. In a page I whant to activate the option “create” and set it to true
  4. The page has the option “update” set to true
  5. NOTHING HAPPENS when I edit the page → can’t create new elements inside the page content

What do I do wrong ?!?
THX for helping out!

Could you please post exactly what you have set where, i.e. your role blueprint and the page blueprint, so I can try and recreate it.

Also, please update to the latest Kirby version 3.6.2 to make sure that we are not trying to hunt bugs that have already been fixed.

I updated to 3.6.2 nothing changed!

In my user role with [role name] I set:
*: false
preview: true
read: true

In my page I set:
[role name]: true


If I understood the role system from kirby the rights set inside a page should overwrite role permission ?!?

Yes, sorry, I can reproduce the issue and there is an open issue on GitHub:

So until this will be fixed in 3.7, you would have to remove the global setting in favor of blueprint specific settings, I’m afraid.

This does not work either!
If i remove the “*: false” in the role definition and use “create: false” in the page blueprint, creation is still possible ?!?

When will 3.7 be released?
It should be fixed asap because it is a real showstopper in the role-right-management ;-(

You are right, looks like the page blueprint settings are completely ignored.

I have no ETA for 3.7. Did this actually work in 3.5?

But can you actually create a page when you set create: false or is just the button visible? Because in my quick test, I can’t actually create pages.

If I set “create: true” in the blueprint no add button appears! Other rights are working only “create” seems to have a malfunction and do nothing :frowning:
If I set “create: true” in the user role the add button appears and I can also create pages. Actual I use kirby 3.6.2 after updating from 3.6.0!