Reveal.js + Kirby integration?

I’m wondering if anyone has tried to use Kirby as a CMS for Reveal.js
I’m thinking it could serve as a nice backend system… style…

Its not a new idea. I did it.
But I used only one level not this nested function.

Thanks @JanStieler for your reply.
Yeah, it seemed like a pretty straight forward idea.
But I couldn’t find examples online.
I would be pretty cool to have a nicely organized Kirby theme doing just that…
I’m thinking of using it for a project.
I’ll see if I can package it into a theme.

Why don’t you build your own?
Its really easy, you need only a hierarchy like [.reveal > .slides > section]((
I use this for presentations instead of powerpoint with the possibility to use inetractions like for present working mockups.

That should in fact pretty easy and straighforward to implement. Don’t think that a theme is needed.