Restrict backend access only to editable timetable

Hello everyone,
I would like to have a timetable on my Kirby page. The timetable has slots and every few weeks all students should login to Kirby to fill in their shifts into the table. So I will setup a blueprint with a list of forms each containing “date”, “start time”, “end time”, “responsive person”.

However these students should not be able to do anything else in the backend than entering their working times.

How can I build this?

I found the " Kirby – Bouncer"

Or is the “Access-Restriction” enough?

And maybe a small thing that would be great for this timetable. Is there a modul for the blueprints that cleans out all inputs? (in my case I would like to have a button on the blueprint page that says “clean all timetable fields”. So user don’t need to do this for each shift when the shift is already in the past and they want to enter the shifts for the next month. Or can this even be automated?

Thank you for the help,

Hello mate,
i think you need something like this: Programmable blueprints | Kirby CMS
I used this in my Kirby Template aswell. In my case i have 2 different site.yml files. One for the user “admin”, which is mine access to the panel and another one for the user “customer” which is restricted. for example i do not have the design-tab listed in the site.yml for the customer, because i dont want them to change their primary color or other global design settings.

I think you can adapt this easily for your need. Just create a new user “student” (you can also restrict the access to “Accounts” and “System” for them) and for this user you create the yml files which only shows the needed sections.

For the input clearing i think you would need a button component for your panel which can be adapted from a plugin (for eg.: GitHub - moritzebeling/kirby-panel-button: Custom Kirby Panel button field to open or trigger URLs) and you need to register a hook on it in your index.php or so which clears all fields of the current page.

Let me know if you need more help with that and have a nice day

Hey Khepri.Design
wow, thank you very much, I will implement this in the next weeks and let you know in this threat how it worked out. Thank you once again.