Resizing images

Hi, sorry got another question, I am upgrading my existing site to K3 whilst trying to improve some aspects of the site but this one has me confused.

So I am generally relying on unsplash to get images for pages these days, as you can imagine these as quite large in their default size. Ultimately my images are displayed in 3 sizes across the site, lets’ say that will be:


As an example I create a blog post I want the 800x300 as my main post image and then I would also want it in 200x200 as it may be a featured image or a recent post on the home page.

How can i do this and be able to select the right image size depending on where the image is being displayed?



Kirby comes with method to resize, crop etc. images, see file methods:

resize(), crop(), thumb(), where resize() and crop() are shortcuts for aspects of the thumb() method.