Resize Images on Upload

I haven’t found a clear (simple) solution for this. I’d prefer to not use a plugin if possible:

I want to upload a large image and create 3 different sizes. - How can I do this?
I then want to use the small size for a thumbnail grid view. - How can I reference the smaller image?
I want to use the larger sizes in other spots on the site.

Any suggestions?

You can use a hook that resizes your images on upload, using the panel.image.upload and panel.image.replace hooks, have a look at the Image Shrink plugin as an example of how to do that.

If you then use a suitable naming scheme for your images, you can reference them by that name. Or use the standard thumbnail naming scheme and then fetch the images using the thumb helper.

BTW: Is there a reason why you don’t want to use the thumb method to resize images on the fly?

The images are in the content:

(image: 24760007.jpg class:ur-callout ur-callout__right no-top-margin)

Is there a way to use the thumb method on images that are in the body of the markdown?

Not automatically. One way of doing it would be to create a custom version of the image field. Another option could be to use a Kirbytext pre filter.

Gotcha! Thanks, I appreciate the info!

I’d be interested in your solution, please share it here :slight_smile:

I had to put this on hold. Still gonna hack at it eventually!