Render full post html in description of RSS feed when using Kirby 3.5 blocks

Hi, I’m using the kirby3-feed plugin to generate an RSS feed for my blog.

I’ve managed to get it to output the full content for each post. But it’s not html - it contains a bunch of Kirby block markup in the feed, e.g.:

<description><![CDATA[<p>[{"content":{"text":"<p>my text .... !&lt;\/p&gt;<p>&lt;\/p&gt;","aligncontent":"left","alignblock":"center","width":"sm","background":[]},"id":"26db2bbd-d5cf-4b5e-b695-5b2cad37a607","isHidden":false,"type":"text"}]</p>]]></description>

More details on the issue I created on the plugin repo.

Thought I’d ask here as well in case anyone has ideas how to get the above to be HTML.

Use toBlocks() instead of kirbytext() in your custom snippet.

Thanks that works! I was making things too complicated trying to work it out.