Generate RSS feed from my website content

I wanted to know If there were a way to generate a RSS (or Atom) feed with Kirby 3 ?
Thank’s in advance
– Tixie

Check out these two plugins:"Version%3A+3"

Do you have an updated link? I’m also interested in implementing an RSS feed on the project I’m currently working on.

There are two feed plugins:

Already implemented the first option bnomei/kirby3-feed and it was super easy.

RSS Feed is running.

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If I intend (in theory) to provide my own feeds (due to some complexity of my content and other unusualness) – how do I convince Kirby 3 to deliver content in the mime type “application/rss+xml” instead of “text/html”?

See this thread how to send correct headers in templates: Deliver only application/json in V3

:+1: – you saved me again. Many thanks!