Rename "Open" into something else (preview button)

hi everyone. i am looking for a simple solution to rename the button “open” that leads to the new tab with the preview of the current page.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-27 um 19.57.35

any ideas on how to do this?

In general or just on a specific Panel page?

in general :slight_smile: but now that you ask, maybe both, just so i know how, hehe

In general, you could add a new translation for the key that is used for “Open”, probably just open: Translations | Kirby CMS

Just for a specific page: hm, don’t know. Maybe via JavaScript?

ah perfect! that worked well for changing it globally :slight_smile: page specific was not needed, but again, if you can think of something please let me know, just in case for the future