Reference docs in form of a PDF?


I am looking for the reference documentation from Kirby in the form of a PDF/eBook to ”study” it on an ebook reader while being offline without a laptop / internet for a couple days.

Has anyone happened to find this as a PDF or made a working, complete and (pretty much) current export from GitHub? If so, can somebody share it?

I tried to clone the GitHub repo and create some kind of very simple PDF, but for some reasons several parts / txt files of the docs are empty, e.g. like this or this (just to mention a few).

So I’m not sure if this is the real, current commit what we see online or if there is some special template logic behind these empty parts?!


A PDF-version of the docs does not exist. A big part of the documentation is generated on the fly from comments in the source code as virtual pages, so there are either no text files at all or the text files only contain additional information like examples.

Therefore, to have complete data, you would have to generate a PDF from the rendered HTML.