Radio default not working

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get the default option to work in my radio field. My code is straight from the docs:

        label: Category
        type: radio
        default: architecture
            design: Design
            architecture: Architecture
            photography: Photography
            3d: 3D
            web: Web

…but I get no default value as you can see below:

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Is it on an existing page? Had the same issue, but inside a builder field. It worked for me after creating a new entry.

Thank you @jakobgrommas! Mine is in a custom plugin, but the key was “creating a new entry” like you mentioned. It doesn’t work if you add the field after the entry has already been created.

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The default only works, when the content file is created the FIRST time.
So I would delete the whole page (directory and all files inside it). Now I can check this problem.

Or I would add a new page. Here I can check the content file.

Thanks @anon77445132. I can’t afford to re-create each page, but will go through and manually click the radio fields for the existing pages. New pages are working just fine as you said.

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