Checkboxes multiple default values

Does not work, only single default value… :anguished:

    label: Categories
    type: checkboxes
      - architecture
      - web
      design: Design
      architecture: Architecture
      photography: Photography
      3d: 3D
      web: Web

Toolkit version: 2.2.3
Kirby version: 2.2.3
Panel version: 2.2.3

It definitely works for me.

Please note that the default value(s) only apply if the field does not already exist. They do not apply when the field exists and is empty for example. So please check if your content file already contains a field with that name or create a new page, which will start with the default values as well.

Strange it only works one time for me.
Create a second page and see if the boxes are checked ?
this is my blueprint:

        label: View
        type: checkboxes
        columns: 3
            - pages
            - posts
            - drafts
            pages: Pages
            posts: Posts
            drafts: Drafts

Yes, I can confirm it doesn’t work in my install either.

So the condition for them to be checked:

 'checked'  => ($this->value === 'all') ? true : in_array($value, (array)$this->value()),

Looks as if this would be intended to work with an array of defaults as well, right?

Then we have value():

  public function value() {

    $value = InputListField::value();

    if(is_array($value)) {
      return $value;
    } else {
      return str::split($value, ',');


Seems to guarantee an array as returned value, but I’m wondering why InputListField::value() and not parent::value().