Questions about Bouncer plugin and Permissions

We’re tying to understand how the Bouncer plugin works in relation to Permissions.

We have the admin user, then a staff and facilitator user and finally a coach user. Our goal is to allow the staff and facilitator users to update other users but not create or delete them. Although the Bouncer plugin looks like it may be currently prohibiting this in the panel?

These two images are examples of the setting for the staff user.

Thanks for any ideas.

Have you tested if this works as expected in a fresh Starterkit without this plugin?

When I temporarily comment out the code related to the Bouncer plugin I do gain access to the users in the panel.

I see that I can ask the question in the Bouncer plugin repo. (Issues · sylvainjule/kirby-bouncer · GitHub). I’ll ask them if they have experienced this issue…

Sorry, I didn’t explain this before, but we’re using the Bouncer plugin because these users also should only have access to certain content pages. But we also want some of them to be able to edit users.

screenshot of bouncer settings from site/blueprints/users/staff.yml
Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 11.16.17 AM