Different panel permissions for different users

Hi guys,

stone me if the question has been asked before, but is there a way that different users are able to editing different pages? So user A is able to create new pages in the section A & can edit all content there - but is not able to edit / see anything in B. And so on…

Would be great.



Unfortunately, that is currently not yet possible. Hopefully in the near future …

damn - thats not good :expressionless:

Yeah, more fine-grained user rights on the back- and on the frontend is what I’m missing the most …

I believe Jessica Hische (Twitter) did something similar for her clients via the panel. Try contacting her.

thanks, will try. I’ve no motivation to choose another system for just this “small” case :wink:

It might be not exactly what you’re looking for but a while back I remember she tweeted something about having a backend for clients where they could login and get high resolution images to download.

let me see, maybe it is the hint i need to solve my problem.

How many pages are we talking about? Would it be ideal to give each person a unique role?

It’s unfortunately not possible in the panel so far as @texnixe already mentioned. Jessica did not modify the panel but built a login area for her clients with the user authentication plugin in Kirby 1. This is even easier in Kirby 2 with the new users api. Permissions for the panel are on the roadmap but I can’t give an ETA for it yet.

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Thanks for the reply, although it is not as I had hoped. :pensive:

Hmm: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/pull/406

As Bastian said:

Permissions for the panel are on the roadmap but I can’t give an ETA for it yet.

So please note that this pull request still includes only a development state and neither represents the final way it will be implemented nor has been tested sufficiently. But yes, we are working on it.


Thanks guys,

i’ll have a look at this and watch it for the future. I helps me a lot.
Best, Thomas

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Seems not to make it into 2.1 for now: https://gist.github.com/bastianallgeier/061ddd007d5985ae28ca

Being able to give a user (not a role) permission to only see/edit one specific content folder (and maybe it’s children) in the panel is essential for most of my projects. I keep wondering why so few people seem to need this. Is there some easier way that I’m not seeing?

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It is indeed not included in 2.1. We want to get this right and spend a bit more time on polishing it, though it’s already pretty far. I guess we will have a usable developer preview available very soon.


is there any news on this ??

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I didn’t give up hope so far, although telling everybody “will be added soon” will probably not cut it anymore.

Has someone found a solution? A lot has happened to the User and Blueprint handling, but i couldn’t figure out how to solve this.

It would be so awesome to set permissions in blueprints like role: admin or maybe permission: editor or something like that.

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Permissions have not yet officially landed in Kirby. It’s a very complex feature, which is why we haven’t yet managed to complete it. It’s still on our roadmap as we would really like to have it too, but we can’t promise when it will be published.