Query / retrieve specific key and it's value form a Kirbytag

Say I have an inputfield, named “test”, and it’s value is like this;

(title:foo item:bar)

Is there any option I can query / retrieve only the item key, with it’s value (and if even possible, without being wrapped in <p></p>).

I’ve tried several syntaxes, none of them worked - neither did I found a solution in the docs or forum.

echo $page->test("item")->text(); /* should return bar */

What is the purpose of this input field and why does it contain a kirbytag?

It renders something like

<p>read more about <b>bar</b></p>```
This works fine, but I need the value of **item** (*bar*) also in another element at that page;
```<blockquote>Glad to see you are interested in <i>bar</i>!< /blockquote>```

So when I'm able to query that specific *key* (**item**) and it's *value* (**bar**) it would help me out...

I’d write a function that extracts the “key” and “value” as substrings of the raw text.

If you need structured information, consider storing the information in a structured way. Kirbytext and its Kirbytags are supposed to be used in prose text, not to be converted into a structure again.

You can use two separate fields for that and then assemble the HTML in your templates.

I agree, I’d prefer that to extracting information from a text field.

Okay - so there is no default option :smile:

No problem - I already solved it by writing my own function…

I needed it for this “plugin” that show the rendertime of your Kirby php-page.