Getting field content from another pag inside of a kirbytext textfield

Privacy information have to contain some contact information.
I have these Privacy information as an HTML converted Text… and it works perfectly to load that content with Kirbytext in the tamplate.

Here is the thing: I don’t want the client entering their contact info by Hand into that text field with all the html tags and stuff in the panel – especially if the information have been enter already.
Is there a way to get the content information from another page e.g. contact into that kirbytext?

I imagend it like this (not working):

...more infomation ...
<p><span style="color: var(--blau);">Telephone: <?= $contact->phone() ?></span><br>
...more infomation ...


<div class="legal_text">
  <?= $page->text()->kt()?>

The outcome is just the text: phone()

Would that be possible somehow in kirby?

You cannot use PHP code in text files. However, you can use placeholders that you then replace with the information, with a Kirbytext hook, see example here:

Ah. I didn’t get into these till now…
Tanks. That will work out.