Query in default field of email blueprint

since this does not work:

                      de: Kontakt
                      en: Contact
                    type: email
                    default: {{ site.email }}

any idea how to insert site mail-adress as default?

thx in advance

The default option doesn’t accept query strings, so this is not possible. If you need it, you could create a custom field that basically creates a copy of the original and only change the way the default behaves.

I think this is already supported on the development branch though and should then be in the next release, maybe check it out.

thx for reply… it’s nothing urgent… so i can wait… nice to hear, that its maybe planned.

Is there any news on this? I’m using version 3.5.6 and it doesn’t seem to work. Would be a great feature!

The related PR is still open: Support query templates for fields default values by afbora · Pull Request #2815 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

Okay, thanks for the information!