Blueprint default values populate via a field

Is there anyway to populate a default value in a blueprint with text from another panel field?

Yes, that should be possible with the query language

But keep in mind rhat defaults only work at page creation

@texnixe this seems to not work… i think default calls no functions and only reads the values you input there as a string?

i am trying the following for a date field

default: today + "{{site.userdaysactive.value}}" day

but it does not work. i even created a fieldMethod that delivered the complete string like

'getUserdaysactiveValue' => function ($field) {
            return "today + " . $field->value() . " day";

but does not work either. and as you can see i have the kirbylog plugin in there and it does not write anything, as if the default property didnt even try :frowning: . any ideas?