Query for checkboxes, multiselect, etc

Hi there! Hope all is going well.
I had this field in Kirby 2:

    label: Available Sizes
    type: checkboxes 
    options: field
      page: prints
      name: options_list

There’s a master list of item options (say, t-shirt sizes. in my case it’s print dimensions) for shop items in the parent page (a tags field), that can be individually selected on individual shop item pages.

I’m not sure how to achieve this in Kirby 3… I found this:
I don’t understand what query: site.taxonomy.split means exactly, or how to use it. I can’t find any reference to “taxonomy” anywhere else… Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Taxonomy is the field name on the site in that example. Yours probably would be something like site.find(‘prints’).options_list.split

Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply. I do think the documentation needs a bit of clarification here.