Programmable blueprint problems

Hello, I am trying to load a different blueprint depending on the user role according to your cookbook recipe. I created the plugin, created the site.admin.yml and site.editor.yml files but when I delete the site.yml file I get an error message (“Call to a member function title() on null”) and the panel page does not display.
I use the Zero One template and Kirby 3.7.3.

Have you tested this in a Starterkit as well?

I tested the example from the cookbook recipe in a Starterkit and it works as expected. Your issue might be due to the theme you are using. Get in touch with the developer.

Ping @mrfreedom

yes in the starter kit it works. I will ask the developer of the Zero One template.
Thank you.

Hi @eneuhaus, @texnixe,

Zero One is a plugin, its site.yml is of course also in the plugin.

Can the plugin override other plugin files?