Problems to load fontfiles for panel with own css


I try to add my own CSS to the panel but I have some problems with own font files for icons.
In my panel.css who is saved at assets/css I import the icon.css-file through @import because I cannot add multiple css files through the config file.
In the icon.css I load the font files with @font-face. The the relative fontpath to …/assets/fonts/ are okay but I get an error 500 for all font files?
The same font files will be loaded perfect for the frontend.
What could also the reason for the 500 error?


The relative path should look like this if the fonts are in /assets/fonts:

@font-face {
	font-family: 'icomoon';
	src:url('../fonts/icomoon.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
		url('../fonts/icomoon.woff') format('woff'),
		url('../fonts/icomoon.ttf') format('truetype'),
		url('../fonts/icomoon.svg#texniq') format('svg');
	font-weight: normal;
	font-style: normal;

@plagasul: This is a different issue, is not about field assets but a custom panel stylesheet. With custom Panel stylesheets it should work as outlined above.

We discussed the fields issue in another thread and I haven’t found a solution for that yet. I think fonts are not loaded for fields but only JS and CSS files. Maybe it was planned but not implemented, but I’m not sure.

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