Problems parsing a multi-paragraph field in YAML structured content

Hey all, I have a YAML structure that contains a field that often contains multiple paragraphs of text. Kirby seems to parse my field alright until the first paragraph break at which point the rest of the content is ignored.

Is multi-paragraph text in a YAML field not really intended? Any workarounds?

Here’s my template code:

And here’s my content:

And here’s the resulting array:

Any ideas? Thanks!

How do you enter the text? Via the panel or directly into the content file with an editor? In general, you can use multi-paragraph text, but yaml has to be correctly indented. If I enter multi-paragraph text via the panel, it usually looks like this in the content file:

    CallTitle: Chinese Syntax
    CallEditor: Victor Junnan Pan and Waltraud Paul
    CallSummary: |
      *Linguistic Analysis* invites contributions for a special issue, edited by Victor Junnan Pan and Waltraud Paul, that will focus on the syntax of complex sentences in Chinese. The main goal of the special issue is to determine the precise hierarchy between main clause and adjunct clause in the different types of complex sentences.
    Such an investigation is necessary because the structure of complex sentences in Chinese has hardly been studied within the generative framework. This is surprising insofar as complex sentences served as a crucial testing ground for binding theory in the wake of Huang (1982), in particular the binding construal possibilities for zìjǐ ‘self’ (cf. Huang/Li/Li 2009, ch. 9 for discussion and references). The wealth of studies on zìjǐ ‘self’ hardly ever addressed the question of the internal structure of complex sentences, but implicitly took for granted the identity between Chinese and English in this domain.

I’m just using manual text files for now.

What does the | separator do at the beginning of the CallSummary field here? I wonder if that ‘escapes’ things so the paragraph breaks can be accepted? I’ll give it a shot.

Didn’t work. Damn. I’m puzzled.

Are you sure your indentation is correct? Yaml is quite sensitive when it comes to indentation.

Hmm, I don’t think so. I just double-checked there are no tabs, all spaces. Indentation seems ok. Tried it with two spaces and four spaces, no difference.