Problem with Xampp and localhost/kirby


I’m not a pro web developer but I developed a very simple website using Kirby and Xampp :

Lately, I tried to modify my website using Xampp as a local host. Xampp works perfectly fine but when I tried to access the “localhost/kirby” folder in my browser, it redirects me to my online website “”.

It seems like I can’t access to my kirby folder with my localhost. What is the solution? How can I modify my online website with Xampp?

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Have you made any changes to the original .htaccess or `/site/config/config.phpm which might result in the redirect?

Interesting research!

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Thank you, I fixed the problem. Somehow I moved the .htaccess file when I unziped it… Everything works perfectly fine now.

Thank you again for your quick answer!
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once I had the same problem. I unzipped the plain kit and moved everything in it. In default mode of “finder”, files, that start with “.” are hidden, so I didn’t mark and move the “.htaccess”.

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