Problem with creating an new page via FTP


I use a virginal Kirby with the Kirby default theme.

I made a new folder: /content/1-schuelerbeirat and in this folder i created default.txt (via FTP). I copied an Text in default.txt with html-code (links) :

Title: Schülerbeirat

Text: Schüler sind keine Lehrer, aber alle Lehrer waren Schüler (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Quelle</a>).

But this folder doesn’t become a menu. I see only a slash.

There is an error in the backend, too.

If I want to edit the page, there is no text:

But I can open But there is problem with the character encoding and no headline.


Then I insert the text in the backend. I see the menu with a headline and without character encoding errors now.

I think, I missunderstood sth. very important. Or?

I’m so sad. I thought, I unterstand, what I must do. :frowning: I see, that you mentioned one of the pages I have read in an other post to me.


P. S.: The handbook ist very tightly worded for newbies. E. g.

The problem with creating the files with FTP is probably that they are not correctly encoded. Files must be utf-8 encoded without BOM. So you have to use an editor that allows you to set the encoding correctly, or create the Pages via the Panel.

If you are on Windows, use Notepad+.

In general it is much more comfortable to develop a site locally on your computer and transfer to the server when it is ready (requires a local development environment with Xampp/Windows or Mamp/Mac, though).

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thank you. I created a new file (e. g. default.txt) in filezilla and edited it with Notepad.



I don’t find “Notepad+” on my computer (Windows 10) nor in the Windows Store.

It’s actually called Notepad++ (sorry). And you can download it from here: