Problem setting up wottpal/kirby-git plugin

@wottpal trying to set this but, the read me isn’t get clear

I have extracted into site/plugins added the blueprint snippet, and I just doesn’t work I get

Invalid section type ("gitLog")

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Anyone able to help here?

The error you’re getting suggests you’re trying to use it as a section, right? The plugin registers only two fields, so try using it as field.

Since it doesn’t seem to store any information itself, switching to a section might be a good idea @wottpal. :slight_smile:

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Ah, ok, have you got this setup and working?

Not at all, I’m just making assumptions here :slight_smile:

I am in the same misery with the installation, but good thing is that it seems like there is some activity here and hopefully the community get’s this thing rolling. I am suggesting to update the readme to be more comprehensive.

Also I must agree, unifying both git project to one is a rather good idea. Since this is going to be the prime feature for me to use in any future kirby project’s I would contribute as much as I can as well.

I summarized my attempts in this issue on github ->

Since I will be dealing setting up a CI on gitlab for the entire project for both staging and production within the next week, I will follow this thread carefully.

I tried, but didn’t get it to do anything.

Prefixing means the options should be wottpal.git.dir etc.

I wouldn’t use a plugin that doesn’t seem to be under current development and hasn’t seen any updates for 6 month (while Kirby 3 was still under development) in production.


  • the History field shows up
  • the revision field appears in the source code but remains empty
  • no changes are commited

There are two options to supply setting variables for plugins inside config.php:

return [
    // this way
    'vendor.plugin.setting' => true,

    // or that way
    'vendor': [
        'plugin': [
            'setting' => true

    // this does not work (at least when I tried)
    'vendor.plugin': [
        'setting' => true

@porschuetz We’re running Kirby in a completely automated setup (with GitLab CI, too). So we run instances (review apps) of websites for each branch automatically checking out the content via git. So if you’re interested in some insights feel free to contact me. :wink:

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I am pleased I am not the only one having issues, has anyone other than the the devs got either plugin working?

I really want this in place on my site, as I have many content creators.

I am happy to work directly communicating with devs and improve installation guides if need be.

@DanielRivers How have you installed the plugins? Have you made sure that the Git.php folder is not empty (i.e. is the submodule initialized)?

I’ve moved these to a new topic so as not to spam the other plugin’s thread!

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@wottpal Could you please test your plugin with the current stable release, please?

For the time being, I’ve added a broken label in the plugins repo until these issues are sorted out.

I am not at the computer at the moment, but basically I downloaded the plugin by @wottpal and extracted into the site/plugins folder. But I saw no change in behaviour. Was unclear on the config required too to make it work.

That said, I have not tried the @mactux variant, the UI from the other one looks good, but I could live without that for the sake of a working solution.

Haven’t tried the @mactux variant either, but I had no problems at all with the prior Kirby 2 version. So give it a try.

@wottpal not been seen for nearly a week now. Hope will be about soon so there is some chance to unify these two great implemenations. You heard from him @mactux?

No, I haven’t had time to talk to him. I will think about a good way to merge the projects next week.

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To whom it may be of relevance, I wanted to setup wottpal/kirby-git two days ago and as expected it did not work.

So I went ahead and forked it to fix two issues:

  • gitLog is no longer a field but a section, as advertised in the README.
  • Fixed the CSS so that it appears more or less like in the README too.

Screen attached.

The fork is here:
I don’t know where @mactux is at with his own plugin though.

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