Problem running Builder Plugin on Live Server


I’m using the Builder Plugin to structure a template layout on my site. Everything works as expected on my localhost, but once I upload the site to my server it just runs 1 section of the 4 I have .

On my template I have this code:

<?php foreach($page->builder()->toStructure() as $section): ?>
  <?php snippet( snippet('sections/' . $section->_fieldset(), array('section' => $section)) ) ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

Any Ideas why this would be happening?

Is the code after the foreach loop executed or does the output stop after the first section?

It is executed.
After the loop I have a snippet and the footer and both are executed.

Hm, sounds as if the snippets can’t be found. Maybe a filename problem? Do you use capital letters for your snippets names maybe? Or camelCase?

I’m using capital letters, would this be a problem also in the localhost? Because there its running as expected.

One of the sections is for Images, executing local I get:

<div class="image">
<img src="http://localhost:8888/project/content/1-projects/1-project-a/dr2014avbl02.jpg"  class="col-1-2 right" alt="">

but in the live host I don’t get anything at all.

On Linux systems, i.e. most servers, filenames are case sensitive, so you should avoid using capital letters in filenames.

It was a problem because of the capital letters. Now it’s working fine.
Thank you so much.

It may be useful to new Kirby users, to tell them in the docs at that

… and

… and to suppose that the Kirby website runs in a subdirectory (during the development of the website) on a Windows client or webserver.

@anon77445132: We are, in fact, collecting these issues that arise here in the forum in our to-do list, so you’ll find it in the docs sooner or later. No need to post a hint every time :wink:

…, sorry, but the number of newbies, which never have started to build a website and therefore never have installed their first webserver, grow every day…

That is fine for the selling of Kirby, but not for the (older) readers in the forum.

Good documentation is helpful for both new and existing users. But good documentation takes time. As @texnixe wrote, we are currently updating the cheat sheet and after that, the other parts of the docs will follow.