Problem displaying table field plugin information inside a block

Hi guys,

I’m having issues with getting the table field plugin to display a label and Icon within my custom block layout as you can see from the attached image it just shows “No entries yet” even when there are entries for the table. I’m not sure if there is a way for me to go into the plugin’s source code and add whatever I would need to change this maybe? Or if it’s just something I’m not doing right? I’d be happy with just a label and an icon really, code is as follows:

        type: fields
            type: blocks
                label: Product Cards
                    type: structure
                      /// fields
                label: Table Block
                    label: Table
                    type: table
                    maxColumns: 10
                    minColumns: 2

First obvious error is the dash, not allowed in yaml files…

Oh okay I didn’t know that, I’ve used them in a quite a few projects without any issues.

“No entries yet” is located in kirby/i18n/translations
for the “field.strucutre.empty” object.

Is there some way I can override this for the table plugin?

What table plugin are you referring to? Is that even compatible?

Using this one Table field | Kirby

Just to avoid any confusion the product-cards field doesn’t affect my ‘table’ field at all. I only included that part of the code for context with the screenshot.

You would have to create a block preview for this block type.

okay cool, i’ll have a look thanks Sonja