Prevent creating empty meta files for images

Hi there,
I’m still struggling a little with the new Kirby 3, I miss some features of Version 2. But right now one of my biggest issues is that when I’m uploading an Image it automaticly creates a metafile for it (like myimage.jpg.txt).

Right now I’m building an online portfolio with lots of images and all the information I need is stored within the pictures (coming from lightroom with all metas). So when I upload 30 images it creates 30 empty textfiles with no use. Is there a way to prevent that behaviour and only create a metafile when there is a file-blueprint or when files are sorted in the panel?

Als it would be nice if you could drag images anywhere into the panel (like in Kirby 2), not exactly into the specific section. That would be nicer to handle when you work on a laptop with touchpad.


No, there is no way to prevent creation of the metadata file. You could put this on the wishlist, aka ideas repo.

In the meantime, you can use a hook to get rid of these files after upload (you can use a custom blueprint setting to easily define to which section this should apply).

Hmm, too bad. Then I have to try it with a hook, because my ocd can’t live with that many empty files :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the quick answer. The support is still on top here.

I’ve created an issue in the ideas repo:


Now i just have to figure out how to access the meta within a hook.