Prev/Next arrows in Starterkit

Referring to the Starterkit:
The Prev and Next Arrow in the upper right Corner, i think i shall jump to the previous article in the Section or to the next one.
The arrows working strange. Left arrow is next Article (based on sorting).

And in “About” i can’t go to home. I think it is because it’s disabled, but it shall be available at least in the panel, right?

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The prev/next arrows in the articles/notes section of the Starterkit work in the order of the pages in the filesystem. The order num has been set to date which is why prev is past in time and prev is more recent/future in time.

And yes the prev/next arrows only work between pages of the same status. Since about is published, but home is not listed, you cannot move between them via the arrows.

I have noticed that the prev/next arrows don’t work if the children of a folder use different templates, even if they have the same status (all published).

Using prev/next between Photography and Notes for example, was only possible after changing the template for testing purposes to default.txt.

I haven’t looked any further into this, but I can’t see a reason why prev/next between children with different templates shouldn’t be possible. It’s probably the most common setup for the content folder.

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Yes, unfortunately an existing issue was fixed by making it very strict:, too strict for my personal liking.

I’ve added a list of siblings in some blueprints. It makes navigation faster, where prev/next isn’t working and the user wants to edit or check all successive pages quickly.

Another suggestion would be to hide the prev/next arrows, when they are disabled. At least for me, it wasn’t obvious why they are visible but not helping.

Please feel free to create an issue in the ideas repo with your suggestions.

I have added a suggestion. Thanks for your support.

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