Possibility to group custom language variables?

Hi :vulcan_salute:

In my language files under site/languages, e.g. de.php I have organized my translation strings into certain groups like this:

'translations' => [
	// topics
	'agroforst' => 'Agroforst',
	// Filter Betriebszweige
	'weinbau' => 'Weinbau',
	// Filter Grundsätze
	'integrierte_produktion' => 'Integrierte Produktion',
	// Standorte
	'ch' => 'Schweiz',
	// Sprachen
	'de' => 'Deutsch',
	// Event Detail
	'kurzbeschrieb' => 'Kurzbeschrieb',
	// Event Übersicht
	'mo' => 'Mo',

Within the panel under languages they come ordered alphabetically. Which doesn’t make any sense to me. I would prefer to translate them contextually.

I would like to edit all days of the week, one after the other, instead of going through random strings like this:

‘String’ => ‘translation’,
‘agroforst’ => ‘Agroforst’,
‘ch’ => ‘Schweiz’,
‘de’ => ‘Deutsch’,
‘integrierte_produktion’ => ‘Integrierte Produktion’,
‘kurzbeschrieb’ => ‘Kurzbeschrieb’,
‘mo’ => ‘Mo’,
‘weinbau’ => ‘Weinbau’,

Is there a way to leave the order like they are entered in the php file, which would already make more sense, or to group them somehow?


Only if you modify the language area/view: Panel areas | Kirby CMS